Force Dark Mode Logo

I have a pretty basic question. I’m not sure exactly how to do this or if there’s a way to, but is there a way that I can force the logo to be the dark mode logo. For example, I want my dark mode logo (with white text) to show up on a theme that has a black Header instead of my regular logo (blue)

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Dark logos show up when the theme is in dark schema mode. Why don’t you configure your dark logo as the regular logo too? so it’s always the same logo.


That wouldn’t work because my light mode logo is blue and my light mode logo, with a white background couldn’t be white.

Sorry but I don’t think I understand what you want to accomplish.

Please correct me if I’m wrong:

You have two logos: one blue and one white. The blue logo is for your theme in a color palette with white background. And you want the white logo to show up with a different theme that has a color palette with a black header, correct?

For the dark mode logo to show up, you have to create the color palette from one of the dark base palettes (like Dark and WCAG Dark) then adjust the colors to your liking (black header, etc.) and assign that palette to your theme:

Also, you could configure your color palette in the site setting default dark mode color scheme id so it’s the palette used for the dark mode.