Force email notification for new users


I am using a discourse instance to manage a co-ownership website.
Most of house owner are noobs, and they won’t come very often on the website.

I invited all the user to use the website but i would like to force email notification for EACH topic that is created on discourse in ALL categories. I would like also that they receive an email when somebody answer in a topic.

Problem is, i can’t call each owner and tell him “you have to clic on follow this thread” or “Watch this category” for all category. How can i force that in the discourse instance for all user ? Alternatively, how can i tweak the database to get them receiving email notification each time a topic is created ?

Please apologies my poor english, i’m French :smiley:
Thank you community !


What you are looking for is mailing list mode. Users can turn it on via preferences, and you can also make it the default via the default email mailing list mode site setting.


I have two discourse sites, one of them is a building community and I have EXACTLY the same issue.

Is it possible to do it on a per Topic basis when something is urgent?