Forward messages about new topic

Hi there,

We’re planning to launch our forum on Discourse and wish to receive email notifications about newly added topics at our support team email address. It is possible?

Users may share some valuable improvement ideas or discover some bugs and we wish to be able to quickly react to them

Sure, you can create a user with that address and have the user watch the category you want.

But maybe what you want is to require the people who think it’s their job to answer those emails to instead or also use the community that you ask your customers to use. It’ll be at least 4 times harder to maintain using two systems.

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@pfaffman I created the new user and added the needed categories in the Watched section ( Preferences → Notifications → Categories → Watched). The new topic was created by another user but I still haven’t received an email notification for that. Probably you can tell what could be the reason for that and how to make it work?

@pfaffman I got them already, there was some delay :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

By the way, do you know if there is a way to received email notifications only about the newly created topic? Currently, with the “Watched” section I got the notification about new topics as well as about the replies there. Is there a way to make it work only for new topics, not replies made there?

There should be a Watching First Post option.

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