Force guests to a specific page?

I checked plugins section and my own site Admin settings and didn’t really see what I was trying to find (maybe I’m blind for working on a site 18hrs/day, though).

Basically, if someone isn’t signed in and goes to my site, they’re forced to a specific page. Is this possible/available?

You can set a specific homepage for anonymous users with Custom Homepage for Groups

Interesting. So, I set the anon setting to /home but when I refresh the page while signed out, I get this at the base directory at

It isn’t a private page and works fine when signed in.

It is if I go to the direct URL while signed out, though

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Lol, sorry I read your URL too literally. :facepalm:

I’d need the real URL to check from my end.

Works fine for me, hmmm
Sent you a PM with the URL.

EDIT: He checked site, is working with direct URL. Not sure why it isn’t with that component, though. Recommended me ask component author.

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