Force people to enter a "reason" when requesting access to a group

(Sam Saffron) #1

I am noticing at least 3 times a week people are asking for access to the #plugin group when in fact they are either spam bots or people clicking the join button by mistake.

We should force people to enter a “reason” when they ask for access, and ideally allow a “custom” justify why you belong in the group message.

For example for plugin authors I would have the prompt be:

Please include a link to your plugin in the box below. eg:

This would save me a bunch of regular work and I am sure would save work for others

@tgxworld can you make this change?

Split join/leave freely setting on groups
(Steve Combs) #3

After the request is submitted, could also change the button from

Request to Join Group


Cancel Request

(Alan Tan) #4

The modal will look something like

This is exposed as a membership_request_template instead just like how we do it for category topic template.

Screenshot from 2017-08-08 22-58-27

(Alan Tan) #5

PR has been merged, any feedback on the feature is welcomed :slight_smile: