Group membership requests seems to be broken

When I attempt to image to join a group (from either the /g page or a specific group page), the pop-up works fine.

However, despite filling in lots of text in the box, the Submit Request button remains greyed out and I can’t actually submit it:


This is reproducible here on


This seems to be only affecting groups that allow membership requests, but have not added any text to the group’s “Custom template to display to users” field.

The error using Chrome on Ubuntu is: index.js:930 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property reason of #<RequestGroupMembershipForm> which has only a getter


In our case, we deliberately tend to leave that blank to encourage the user to give us an actual personal reason. Otherwise, they just click Submit Request with the template text.

Good to know that there is a workaround by simply adding some text in there.


This error is also happening when I send the request

“param is missing or the value is empty: reason”

Fixed in FIX: A regression in RequestGroupMembershipForm by CvX · Pull Request #23699 · discourse/discourse · GitHub. Thanks for the report!


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