"force publish" hides too much meta box options

If Discourse - Publishing - force publish is enabled then the meta box is only showing a text:


However, this removes useful options like category, tags, and pin topic as well.

Shouldn’t force publish only hide the “publish to Discourse” checkbox?

The Force Publish option was added to meet the needs of a busy site. Its limitations are intentional. I don’t think that we can change it very much. The text that is displayed could be improved a bit.

I think that what needs to be fixed in the plugin is that the Auto Publish option needs to be enabled for the block editor. The way Auto Publish is intended to work is that when enabled, the Publish checkbox will be pre-checked for all posts. It will be possible to decide to not publish the post, but it will require the author to uncheck the checkbox. Setting the category, pinning the topic, and adding tags will all be available with this option.


Yes, that auto plugin option sounds good!

Just for my understanding: why? What purpose does that serve?

It forces all posts to be published in the plugin’s default category. It takes all decisions about publishing posts to Discourse out of the author’s control.