Forced log out which I can't reliably trigger

I’ve had vaugue a problem for a while, only recently have I made sense of the symptoms enough to report it.


  • Locally installed instance of Discourse
    • Internet access of the instance happens via Cloudflare reverse proxy
    • Local access happens via a local reverse proxy within my UTM
  • My user account is administrative
    • I am the only regular administrative user in the system, there are other administrative accounts, but they are rarely used
  • Some users access discourse from the local network as well as the internet
    • I regularly access the discourse system locally and from the internet
  • Some users only access discourse from the internet
  • When I spend extended time away from the local network, and access discourse only via the internet, I will not experience this issue.

The issue:

  • I will often have my sessions terminated after about a day, this will happen to all my devices which use the account, being my android mobile, desktop and laptop. This does not happen to other users.

I suspect that some of the discourse unknown login location security mechanisms are contributing towards this issue, but I don’t know how to hone my theory nor to resolve this issue, any suggestions?

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