Logging into one device logs out of another

This has started occurring fairly recently, on both my forum (latest as of yesterday morning) and on the Meta forum.

Description: When I log in on one device, I’m logged out on the others - this hasn’t been the case the majority of the time I’ve used Discourse, so I’m making the assumption this is unintentional.

Environments: I have three machines I regularly visit Discourse forums on - one desktop, one laptop, one chromebook, so always desktop version (on the offchance that matters). Running Win10, Win7, and ChromeOS, always using Chrome and logged in through a Google account on each.

As mentioned before, this happens on the Meta forum as well as the forum I run. It doesn’t appear to matter which device I log into, it always logs me out on both of the others.

I don’t know what other information I can provide to be useful here, so let me know if anything else is needed.


Confirmed the bug, sorting it out!


Should be fixed per:



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