Form submission plugin?

I’m looking for some sort of plugin that turns the comments on a particular thread (or perhaps in a particular category if that’s better) into a form submit, so users have to submit only in pre-made fields. Essentially, a Google Form plugin where instead of being able to freely comment on a thread they have to fill out a short form and it’ll populate in that structure in the thread. Does that exist? What would it be called, if so? Or how would one go about making this work? Thanks!

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In my opinion, the Typeform onebox is the best way.

  1. Create a form in Typeform

  2. Paste the form link in your new topic

Example: the link to becomes:


Would this populate in a particular thread? Or would it go to backend only? Like an excel sheet or something

Results would be available only in the TypeForm admin area.

Trying to parse Discourse posts into structured data will always be tricky, since Discourse is free form text.

Gotcha. Yeah what I’m looking for is a way to force structure for certain threads, partially to make the threads easier to read through but mostly to make it easy for people to FOLLOW structure (as opposed to them having to copy/paste and then reformat a written out structure).

We do have category Topic Templates, but that’s far from a enforced way, only a suggestion. I can see it working only on very technical audiences.

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This one? I’m not sure I get it exactly after reading through…

It’s available in the category edit modal:

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Oh interesting. So I could build a form style template and they’d have to manually select it to use it, otherwise it would just be a regular comment? Does that exist in the base Discourse toolbox?

Start a new post here, and select #marketplace. You’ll then see how it auto-populates the composer.

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Oh snap that’s perfect. How do I install/set that up, exactly? Just in basic discourse admin?

NVM, found it! Is there an option or plugin that allows this in particular threads, or just on a category level? And does it populate in each thread or just new unique posts? What I’m looking for is for that to show up in the comments on a thread versus a new thread itself.

Just the category level. There is the canned-replies plugin, but it works only for admins.

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So basically there is no existing plugin for thread-level auto-population?

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No such feature exists, no.

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That’s what I was looking for. Thanks!

Hi Falco, thanks for integrating Typeform onebox. It works, but doesn’t render the same way it renders for me. It renders as a square box that opens a new window instead of how your works as an embed.
What should I be doing right?


Yes, typeform renders a bit differently now, it oneboxes. Not sure if we should have explicit support here, or if an <iframe> domain could be whitelisted, or what @falco


Yeah unfortunately we had to give up on automatic typeform onebox :disappointed_relieved:

You can still allow the typeform URL in the iframe setting, and then paste the iframe code in a post.