RE: Typeform or Google Form support in Onebox?

Hello. On the forum, I first learned about TypeForm from your posts. I have a question. Can I use TypeForm to automatically populate a post with a user. We want to create a category template for the user to fill in. But, since the template will contain a lot of codes (markdown, html) it will be difficult for the user to use it. Using TypeForm we want to simplify this task. For example, the user filled out the form and pressed enter, and his data was displayed as an already designed post (buttons embedded in the post, a location map, and other user data).

Sorry if something is not clear, I do not speak English and use google translator. I am not a programmer.

My question is similar to this ad (point 2). :point_down:

These buttons will be provided as a template when the user creates a post. But since they will be presented as code, they will look intimidating to the user and not understandable to fill out.

Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙 would do what you want. You can do it with Typeform too, but it will require some plumbing between Typeform and Discourse, either via something like Zapier or custom code.


Fabulous! I am very grateful to you for your answer. Do you know what site does this?
I’d like to see this in action.