Forum homepage, how to make full screen?

Hi guys, searched for hours for the right CSS code to enter but couldn’t find anything updated.

How would I achieve this? they’ve made their forum homepage 100% width.

Many thanks!

Hello Nick, welcome here! :wave:t6:

When you say 100% width, what do you mean? Can you share what you’ve been able to achieve? The lovehoney forum doesn’t load 100% of my screen though.

Or do you mean to get the same layout as they have where the category is in its own column? Try inspecting and using this guide How to make CSS changes on your site

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Hi, @osioke

Many thanks for the reply. How weird it seems full screen on my computer., i will try and investigate :slight_smile: :smiley:

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I guess screen size or screen resolution? Mine is quite big, and all Discourse sites will always be full screen width on normal size screens and have that space/padding on screens like mine.

I do not think you need to do anything to your Discourse site to get it to fill a normal screen size, have you found this to not be the case for your Discourse site?