Forum Performance Indicators

Very good performance indicators (100/100). How did they achieve this?

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Got 96/100 on and 99/100 on
Seems normal if your server is properly scaled to your community content and activity.


For me it was ok, but real life meters wasn’t exacly as good as lab test.

Please, don’t get me wrong. It works and Google doesn’t punish. But any of Discourses isn’t blazing fast. Forums are fast enough — not totally same thing.

And if a site has content and some functionality, achieving good results from real world is a bit harder job. Again: good results is an idea that has little common with experience of an user.

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Basically you are right. And what version of ruby is currently used in the official build with docker?

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Just look at the source code?:


I understand that ruby 3.1 is not supported yet?

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