Forum shows "This page isn’t working"

My discourse forum is showing the message “This page isn’t working”.
Please help to resolve the issue.

Please say more about your problem.

How did you install? Did it ever work? Can you share your site’s url?

The forum is live for more than one year but now sometimes it shows “This page isn’t working”. It happens many times in a day. some times opens correctly and sometimes shows this message.
I am unable to understand the problem.
url -

It works fine for about 1 hour when I switch OFF and ON the droplet.

How much ram do you have? Disk space? What do these commands show?

df -h

1 GB RAM and 6.7 GB space is free.

it’s df -h not df - h


Oh sorry

You should clean up disk space, both in ubuntu and docker, search here for a few topics on that.

I have cleaned up the space using following commands but the problem still persists and forum runs for some time after I switch OFF and ON droplet. Now free space is 17.2 GB.
./launcher cleanup
apt-get autoclean and
apt-get autoremove

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Now it is working ok.