Forum topic creator name is used instead of notifier in sent emails with the Notify feature


Discourse version: 2.8.0.beta1 ( 98736e15f0 )
Ability to Reproduce Issue: 100%

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click the Share button at the bottom of a topic.
  2. Click the Notify button.
  3. In the “Notify the following users about this topic:” field, enter a Discourse username.
  4. Click the “✓” button to notify the user about the forum topic.
  5. Check your email inbox.
  6. Look at the name of the sender before the “via [Your site name here]” text.

Expected result:

I expect the name of the sender to read “[Username of the person who notified] via [Your site name here]”

In this example, it would be VirtualTour instead of ehunkemoeller.

ehunkemoeller is the creator of the forum topic and VirtualTour is the person who actually notified the user about the topic.

Actual result:

The forum topic creator name is used instead of the notifier’s name.

@tobiaseigen you worked on this recently, is this as you would expect?

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I am able to replicate this. I didn’t notice it because I did not test the case of Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic user pref being enabled. As you can see in Joel’s screenshots, the username of the notifier is correctly displayed. It also displays correctly in the notification menu.

The issue Joel has uncovered is that the display name on email from admin setting, which is enabled by default in discourse, displays the full name of the post author on the email from field.

@dan could it be changed to have the from username in this case to be the notifier, not the post author?


I encountered this bug before, but could never reproduce it. The problem is that when names are enabled on a forum, the original poster’s name is used instead of inviter’s. If names are disabled, then no name is displayed “via FORUM_NAME”, but it should be “USERNAME via FORUM_NAME”.

I fixed both issues in this PR:

Thank you for the bug report!