Invite notification email is from topic OP author, not inviter

When I invite someone to a topic, I expect the notification email to be from me or the forum system user. This appears to not be happening now. The email is sent from the topic OP author.

hmmm I wasn’t able to reproduce this on :crying_cat_face:

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thanks for trying to reproduce it! I definitely get it - just tried it again now. See screenshots below - this is the notification I got when sharing posts on my site (example one, example two). In both cases the name in the email from line is the author of the OP. Inside the post it correctly indicates me as the person doing the sharing.

The invitation email should be sent from the notification email address set in your site settings. I’m curious as to why those two senders are different though.

There is an admin setting for this:

But I would not expect the full name in this case to be the OP. I would expect it to be the full name of the inviter!

This generally has caused some confusion in my communy though, since in many email clients this name and email address combo will then automatically be added to the address book.

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