Forum topics are not indexed by Baidu

Hi. We have a Chinese version of our website, but unfortunately, topics of the forum are not indexed by Baidu. I noticed that this forum is indexed by Baidu without any problems. The question both for admins of this forum and community members who launched forum in Chinese. What have you done to make Baidu index topics?

How old is your forum? Indexing takes time, depending on the search engine. Have you blacklisted any specific crawlers through the blacklisted crawler user agents site setting?


The forum was launched in April, so I guess that’s not the reason. The blacklisted crawlers settings are the same as on your screenshot. Also, there are no restrictions in robots.txt for Baidu bot.

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What does the Baidu search engine say about this? As far as I know, there used to be a section ( in which you could get detailed information about the status of your site, added to Baidu.

Discourse does not require additional tuning for indexing. If the scanner is not blacklisted, then there should be no problems.