Forwarding email from one discourse instance to another

(Daniel Hollas) #1

Hi there,

admittedly, this might not be a typical use case but I often need to forward an email that I get from one discourse instance to another using email-in feature.

Unfortunately, the resulting post often does has a lot to be desired. For one thing, there are a lot of info in the footer and header that could be probably stripped away safely (e.g. picture and bio of original poster). Also links to images are broken.

I’ll provide more detailed info later if needed.

@zogstrip I believe this is potentially your expertise, let me know if I should add more info. I dunno whether this is more of a bug or a feature request. :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Why? This sounds bizarre. Can you use an actual, real world example?

(Daniel Hollas) #3

We have one forum which is not public (don’t ask), but I need to share some off info to people who are not at that forum.

EDIT: I can imagine more non-bizzare case where you need to share info from otherwise private category.

(Matt Palmer) #4

Are you forwarding all mail from topic or category to another instance? Or is this happening selectively somehow?

(Daniel Hollas) #5

Selectively. I only forward what I need to share with my team.