[Paid] Possibility to forward incoming email to an external address

Part of [Paid] Meta-request for ticketing system related improvements.

Using Discourse as a ticketing system, it may happen that incoming email messages landing in groups must be forwarded to another email address (e.g. an incoming media request must be forwarded to press@, who aren’t using Discourse yet).

This is a request for a feature that allows to forward an incoming email to an email address, with these conditions:

  • The forwarded message should be editable by the sender.
  • A comment could be added by the sender on top of the forwarded text.
  • The information of the original sender should be available, allowing the recipient of the forward to get in touch with the original sender.
  • If the recipient of the forward replies, the reply should not arrive to the original sender (we can discuss this one, the goal is to avoid accidental replies arriving to the original sender).
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Are you envisaging people forwarding incoming messages within Discourse itself? Could you explain the full “user story” here, i.e. Person sends a message, team using Discourse receives message, team using Discourse forwards message onto another team because (reason) etc.

Hi @angus, the use case we have is pretty much what you have described:

  • Organization X has several email addresses for incoming requests, different teams handle different email addresses (some of them using Discourse, some not), and from time to time emails are received that should be directed to a specific person in the organization who is not part of these support teams.
  • Say info@ (in Discourse) receives an email that should be forwarded to press@ (not in Discourse), and another one to msmith@ (a regular mailbox).

In order to forward that information to their destination, now we would need to send invites to new users (which would cause a lot of confusion for “just a forward”), maintain a parallel info@mailbox and forward the message from there, or something involving copy&pasting manually.

Instead, a forward button in the message itself would allow us to handle quickly those misplaced emails.

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This request is being funded. We plan to work on it in the upcoming weeks.


This task has been commissioned and the work will start in April.


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