Friendly user profile url

Is there any community owner who uses aliases for user linka? For example:

Maybe in the same way that /rules leads to /faq.

Is it a problem to create aliases for users? Does it have any problems with the structure of Discourse?

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This already exists? e.g.:

btw, your username isn’t especially friendly? :sweat_smile:

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I mean without /u/ in the url

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The /u/ is unfriendly? I would prioritise friendly usernames first :slight_smile:

You could try extending the Rails router config in a plugin, I guess, but I’m not sure it’s worth the effort?

But what if someone decides to call themselves tos, privacy or faq?!

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Isn’t there a file for reserved names that nobody can create accounts with? Like admin, faq and stuff like that?

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Here’s the file you need to override. Try it out:

discourse/routes.rb at main · discourse/discourse (

If you are not used to writing Rails and plugins, take a look at:


And what if Discourse needs to add a new route and you already have a user named like that?

What is the benefit of leaving out the /u/ part?


There is ease of use for the user if it’s simply domain/username.

Could routes be categorized in the way that usernames are currently? For example: domain/i/faq, domain/i/tos, domain/i/privacy, and top-level would be reserved for usernames: domain/username?