Gender based colours on avatars


I’m searching for the way to tag user avatar base on gender.
For example male avatars will have blue background and female pink one. Does anyone tried to do that?

I suspect this wouldn’t be very common as it is fraught with potential… difficulties. For instance I wouldn’t like to have a pink background on my avatar and I’d be upset if I was forced to do so.

That said, it’s your community and your decision!

Do you collect gender information at registration?


I think it might better to add the distinction by using icons near their names or maybe avatar “flairs”.

For me at least, for members that have the default avatars, I use the background color to help in identifying different members.

For example, Lex and Luther might be L green and L yellow. If both were L blue, I could not as easily tell the difference.


I think you could allow people to join groups that would style their avatar.