Custom colors for default letter avatar generator

Out of the box you can control Discourse’s base color scheme as well as the colors available for categories (the category colors setting). But if you want to use our avatar generation system you either have to live with the somewhat random color assignments, fork the letter-avatar microservice, or create your own randomly-assigned defaults.

It would be nice if there were a site setting that accepts a list of colors (similar to the category colors setting) that are randomly paired with letters from the avatar generator.


Working through this … our letter avatar service already allows for color to be specified:

I am warm to a site setting that lets you restrict this, seems like the simplest thing to do here vs defining custom color palettes.

restrict_letter_avatar_colors : aa00aa,bbccdd,332244

If set only pick letter avatars from the restricted list.

@maja can you add this to your list?

Clearly the default is just to work as we do today, but if people define colors in the settings then we would only use a subset.


This feature has been merged: