General plugin questions

I have a general question concerning my understanding of Discourse work with plugins.

Question1. I installed some plugin, rebuild an app. If I don’t change anything, is there a possibility that site will be broken because of the plugin update or a core Dicsourse code change?
A I understand, the command ‘rebuild’ makes a snapshot of core files and plugin and puts these compiled filed in a docker. And no change can change this docker image. Am I right?

Question 2. What is the best practice - to install plugins from the official github accounts or to copy them to your own account and then install it from your place?

Question 3. How can I see all tables in the database?
For example, I need to change settings of a plugin in the db. How can I do it?

If after the install everything is working it should stay working until:

  • You update Discourse or/and plugins
  • A browser updates and breaks Discourse

If you fork plugin repositories you bring the burden of keeping up with changes upstream. That includes checking for new security issues that were fixed in the main repo and merging and deploying those.

./launcher enter app
su postgres

Thanks for a detailed answer!

One more question.
How can I reset settings of a specific plugin in the database?

Every plugin is different and can have multiple settings. There is no catch all reset to default.

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Hm, I’ll explain, the plugin started causing a problem after a activated one option within it.
Without this option it was working. I would like to set off this option. But when I install the plugin the site becomes unavailable. So I thought that it is possibl to change this setting in the database. How is it possible to do?

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