Generate onebox previews for links in imported posts

am i correct that onebox previews won’t be generated for links in imported posts?
for example, i’m not seeing it in youtube links on a phpbb migration.

any pointers for accomplishing this? thanks

If you rebuild the html on one post as a test, does it get onebox’d?


it sure does!

how can i do it in bulk?

read this whole thread for warnings!

i will give this a whirl…

docker exec discourse-app rake posts:rebake

edit: yes, this works
thanks for the hint, @Richie

Before you do…

Just be careful, we have run in to problems with YouTube, Amazon and others blacklisting our server because we hammered them for onebox details when rebaking hundreds of thousands of posts :confused:

uh oh. i already let it rip. i hope it will be ok?

phpbb=# select count(*) from phpbb_posts where (post_text like '%youtu%' or post_text like '%instagr%' or post_text like '%facebook%');
(1 row)

so there’s a ballpark… you think i’ll be ok? this is from my home IP lol. i’ll read your link and see if there is a way to be more careful next time.

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