German 1&1-hosting user experience?

Hey @terraboss, I got curious and sent a support ticket to Vultr about your requirements.

We do not offer a specific uptime SLA, but our privacy policy can be found at

For the sake of being complete. Vultr’s prices are good. You get slightly more for the same price as DigitalOcean.

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Thanks @purldator,
I guess Vultr would be a pretty good choice for my personal stuff in terms of performance and price-service ratio. I noticed the SSD speed while setting up discourse: 430 MB/s. WOW. This is great. :grinning:

For my the other projects, I’ve got an instance at DigitalOcean :droplet: . Let’s see how both perform… maybe I’ll switch later.

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Hi Markus.

My forum is running on the server from 1&1, the one what you mentioned 1 Euro per year.

It works quite well, but without Docker, you have to config the environment by yourself. Nevertheless, it is totally capable for Discourse.

Interesting. Would you like to link / write an step by step install guide for everyone?
How are easy is it to preform updates in your opinion?


No capacity for swap, and can’t get docker installed with AUFS… sounds like cheap openvz. I’ve heard it called 1&done before. You can use my script for a dockerless install, but won’t get support here.

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I’ve posted an installation guide on my blog, which is adapted from DigitalOcean’s . You could check it out from here.

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I am looking into a German hosting for Discourse and 1 & 1 offers it now in a "Discourse cloud app’, right now the minimum price is 29,99 €, SSL-encrypt inclusive.

I think it’s a Bitnami installation and is not officially supported by Discourse, so if you run into problems you are alone…plus at much less price you can buy a VPS on another hosting that support docker


Thank you so much for this information. I am trying to find a host who is offering a Data Processing Agreement, so I looked for a German one. But it doesn’t look like a good solution when any problem arises.

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The only german hosting that I know is Hetzner:

From Hetzner Terms and Conditions page:

5. Privacy

5.1 Our data protection practise conforms to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) as well as the German Teleservices Act (TMG).

5.2 Personal data of customers will only be collected and used, if they are required for the creation, content arrangement or modification of the contractual relationship. The client is obligated to update these data in its online administrations interface.

5.3 The client’s Email address will only be used for information on orders, for invoices and – provided that the client does not object – for customer care as well as for our newsletter, if the client so wishes.

5.4 We do not give any personal client information to third parties, with the exception of our service partners as far as they are required to determine the remuneration and settlement with the customer.

5.5 The client has the right to information and a right to amend, to suspend or to delete his saved information. If deletion conflicts with a legal or contractual duty to save information, or other legal grounds, the information will be made inaccessible.

BTW all european hostings of UE will have to adopt the DPA soon or later.

SSL is not a real problem because you can do it yourself:

If you have problems you can ask support to @pfaffman ( that can do all this things for you for a very low cost.

I know that Discorse itself have a plan to buy servers even here in Europe for their customers, but I do not know if they are already operational in this regard. (ping @codinghorror)


Discussion on colocating servers in Europe is here: Colocating servers in Europe, recommendations?. No decision has been made at this time.


@Trash, thank you so much for this information!

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Digital ocean has servers in Frankfurt, but I don’t know about a data processing agreement.

I was reading this article from Amazon AWS where they said:

AWS welcomes the GDPR. It protects European citizens’ fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data. It introduces robust requirements that will raise the bar for data protection, security, and compliance and will push the industry to implement stringent controls. We can confirm that all AWS services will comply with the GDPR when it becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018.

And they have 3 servers in Frankfurt Global Infrastructure


Aha. And here Digital Ocean says:


So even Hetzner supports GDPR…now you can choose your hosting @crazyhorse :wink:


Germany and especially Frankfurt is a very popular data center location. I run mine on UpCloud Frankfurt.

Lots of options to choose from:

Just to clarify: Providers have to declare conformity with the CISPE code of conduct for each service separately. The official list is here:

Wait, the quote you are referring to is from Digital Ocean. I suppose we can expect that Hetzner will be CISPE compliant since Hetzner CEO sits on the CISPE board of directors but none of their services is officially registered yet on the list above. (And neither is DO, btw)


You are right, I miss the first line on that post.

Hey, thank you all, you are fantastic! :sunglasses:

@pfaffman, I will go with digital ocean then, since I already found people who can set it up for me and help me with technical questions, since I have no software skills.

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