Getting 422_client_error when using slash commands in private channels

I just added the chat-integration plugin (awesome plugin btw :smiley: ) and configured it to work with our team’s Slack. Everything’s working fine except for the slash commands. I can’t seem to use them when I’m in private channels. The slash commands fail and I get this error:

Darn - that slash command didn’t work (error message: 422_client_error). Manage the command at Microsat Discourse Bot.

Is this the expected behaviour or is there something wrong with my configuration? I’m using the OAth token. The slash commands work fine on public channels.

Hey there,

Here is a quick workaround which might be helpful for you.

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Thanks! Would you know what settings to set in the Discourse admin interface? I have already configured the rules and I can receive the Slack notifications just fine. I just can’t use the slash commands.

Btw, my main motivation for making the slash commands work is so I can post transcripts of Slack conversations to Discourse via the /discourse post command.