Getting 500 after adding post in a topic

I am getting 500 error after adding a post in topic with the following response. I have made some changes in the userController suspicious method. Is that the reason. I am getting the following error :

Its really urgent for me. Can anyone help?

I figured it out. Its because of the code I commented out in suspicious method in users_controller. Now I have to figure out how these two values are getting generated and being sent in the payload :
password_confirmation and challenge. Any help? These two values keep on changing from time to time.

Are you changing the discourse code directly or writing a plugin? If it’s the former, you are making a big mistake. And you’ll likely not be able to get help here. You should search for the “plugin development #howto

What are you trying I change and why? Perhaps back up a bit and describe the problem that you are trying to solve.

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