Getting an iframe in discourse

(Daniel) #1

I need to add an iframe to website that only logged in users can see, I know its unsafe and such but how would I go on and do this?

Like adding a small iframe on a category page or post/wiki.

I don’t need everyone to do this or wouldn’t care, this is a very very private discourse install so security is something that Is out of the question for this site.

Any ideas on how?

Just wana add an iframe from dropbox

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(Jeff Atwood) #2

Not possible in topics / posts; you can add it via the footer or header in Admin, Customize though.

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(Daniel) #3

That makes perfect sense Jeff, but what if I want this to be only viewed by signed in users?

(Martial) #4

I believe you can’t, mostly for security reasons.

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(Simon Cossar) #6

You can now allow iframes from specific domains to be used in posts by adding the iframe’s src domain to the allowed iframes Site Setting.

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