Getting charged in aws for data transfer?

I am getting charged for data transfer on was. It is a new account (1-month-old) and only has one instance (running discourse). This is what they say,

When you transfer data from AWS resources to the internet, you’re charged per service, with rates specific to the originating Region.

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That’s exactly how AWS works. They charge you for the VM and for the outbound traffic.


And quite often inbound is charged too, per requests-


Any alternative for discourse’s then?

Every VPS-services, like DigitalOcean etc. Then you have same price every month have you one or hundred visitors.


No bandwidth charges on Scaleway either.

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Will using a cdn help reduce costs?

Yes. The CDN will load the data from s3 only once (or maybe once or zone depending on how it works).

Inside TTL I reckon?

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