Getting Discourse URL on embedded comments


I have a project making an app with Ghost as its CMS and Discourse as its comments system. For now, my Ghost blog has been integrated with discourse comments just like in I will use REST API from Ghost to pull content in my app and using webview to load the comments with “comments” button on each post to click. My problem is, how could I get the discourse URL that stored every single post comment on my blog? I’ve been thinking to use my Ghost title and then convert it to slug (sometimes title and permalink is different, and discourse is getting its slug from Ghost title, not permalink), but the link will break when I change the title of the post and the topic is already created for previous title. Is there any better approach? Is there any API from Discourse that I could use for this task?


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Or is it possible to define the topic slug that linked to the blog post?

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Are you following this guide?

It should create the topic in discourse for you automatically.