Getting more discourse user data when using discourse as identity provider

Hi folks, I’m using discourse as an identity provider to login to my application. Per the docs, the result parameters include 8 bits of user dat (discourse user id, username, name, email, avatar_url, admin, moderator, groups). I’d like to get the user’s timezone as well, since discourse already goes to the effort of guessing it and storing it. Is there any way to request that be included in the result parameters? (e.g. ?nonce=xyz&return_sso_url=xyz&include=timezone" or something)

I believe this method is where the result parameters are constructed, but I can’t quite wrap my head around how those ACCESSORS are set in self.parse - my hunch is these are for when discourse is using an external identity provider, rather than this way around.

If not, I’ll fetch it from my application via an API request, but this approach feels a lot better, if it’s possible.