Getting notified every time a new topic is created in a private category

Hi there,

I have a use case where I’d like a group of moderators to get notified every time a new thread is created in a specific private category - regardless if I’ve hit my 2 email per day limit or not. The moderators can be notified via Chrome browser notifications and/or via email.

I tested setting myself as “Watching” this private category but got no browser notifications or emails. Any other ideas? Do you know if my use case is even possible?

Thanks in advance

What you are trying to do should work. I’m assuming you have set the 2 emails per day limit through the max emails per day per user site setting. Limiting the number of emails that are sent should not limit the number of browser notifications that are sent.

The first thing to check is to make sure that your users are actually watching the category. Then, make sure that Live Notifications are setup and working for the users. Live Notifications are enabled on a per-user basis from the Notifications section of the user’s preferences page. As long as Live Notifications are enabled and working correctly, users who watch a category should receive a notification for every new topic and reply that is created in the category. Users who are watching the category should also receive notifications inside of Discourse for new topics and posts in the category.


Thanks @simon - super helpful.

This works for Firefox but not for Chrome for me, but it may be a VPN issue on my side. Note that I also already had Live Notifications on for Firefox but turning it off then back on resolved the issue.