Getting the version info in the Dashboard

Just confused, I have a staging site where when I go into the admin, dashboard clearly shows me the version and latest, etc. but on our production site, I can’t seem to find a way to add this to the dashboard.

Reason I’m asking is that the production site is updated frequently, and yes, I know about using “inspector” to find meta name="generator"... but I’d like it in the admin dashboard like I have it in the staging site. Is there a admin dashboard setting I’m missing, if so what is its name?

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The version number is visible when self-hosting, but since hosting manages updates directly, the version number is removed because it’s less relevant.


I’d like to make the request that it is quite relevant, especially when developers of API or etc, have staging/dev/production sites to validate or see versions. But I do have a way to obtain the version via other means, it would be nice that in the admin console we see the version to compare against.

Maybe in a slimed down panel.