Getting thumbnails from json endpoints

@merefield I’ve been using TLP for the past year, thank you!

Just a note to describe a use case for thumbnail image URLs in post topic JSON:

I’m testing to automate a new (latest) topic > tweet gateway (a Zap) and noticed that thumbnail URLs are missing among the post attributes that Zapier presents for use. I skimmed the topic JSON (Firefox formats JSON nicely, btw) and could find thumbnail URL attributes for each of the suggested_topics, but not for the post (addendum: there was no topic section in the topic JSON).

Thumbnails are a Topic only concept now.


I think I was confused by the absence of a topic section in topic JSON, e.g.

contains sections post_stream and suggested_topics (with thumbnail URLs), but no topic section to contain topic thumbnail URLs; it is effectively the same as post JSON, e.g.

So this seems purely a Core issue, and not a TLP or Theme modifier issue? (my search for ‘topic thumbnail url json’ led me to this topic). I’ve edited my post above, both that and this post can be moved to a new topic if that would be a better place for them.

From a UI perspective it makes little sense to provide the thumbnails on a Topic json route outside the Suggested Topics as they are not used for presentation.

On a topic list eg latest.json it is critical, however.

Yep, this is a core concern now. In that respect this topic is appropriate.


@D8vid I moved this into a fresh #support topic. Please can you summarize what the issue is? I’m not following the conversation above.

The link you shared does seem to include thumbnail information.