Gitlab Plugin for Discourse


I was wondering if there is a plugin for Discourse that allows it to be integrated with Gitlab?

The reason I would like this plugin is so that if a user of Gitlab has a question about the tool, they can raise this on Discourse where we can answer that query promptly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


There is github plugin that will cross link posts between github and discourse. It’s hard to find here because every plugin points to github. You can likely find it by browsing the discourse github repositories.

I’m not quite clear what the difference between github and gitlab is in the context of your question.


Hi Jay,

Gitlab is seperate to Github, so I was able to find the plugin for that.

Gitlab is another Git repository that my team use, just wondering if there as a specific plugin for that perhaps?

I’m not aware of one. It should definitely be easier to search for gitlab and github to find one.

It would seem that modifying the github plugin to work with gitlab shouldn’t be too hard. If you have a budget, post in #marketplace (I’d think at least $1000), if not, you can search here for the plugin development #howto topics.


Okay, thank you for your help.