Is there any way to create a GitHub issue from a Discourse post?

Users of my application somehow tend to post excellent bug reports on the forum, with logs, steps to replicate, etc. however none of this can be tracked if it’s not in GitHub. I’ve pinned a topic at some point to ask them to post on GitHub instead of the forum, but it doesn’t seem to work, and they continue to post their great bug reports but on the forum only.

So I’m wondering if instead I could use a plugin or some tool that would automatically create a GitHub issue based on a Discourse topic? I see the opposite exists (GitHub to Discourse) but I couldn’t find Discourse to GitHub. Any idea if there’s any way to do this?


There isn’t an existing plugin for this that I’m aware of, but it’s been asked for as a feature to be added to the Discourse Github plugin in the past. Maybe we could look into implementing it.

Since there’s already an existing #feature topic for this, lets keep the discussion in that topic: GitHub Plugin: Issue Mentions Linkback.