Give emblem from other emblems

hey guys…

my goal is for users to earn a badge by having other badges and from that I can pull their email list.

for example:

100 people commented and won badges on the following topics:

  • Challenge 1 (emblem A)
  • challenge 2 (emblem B)
  • challenge 3 (emblem C)
  • Challenge 4 (Emblem D)

from this all these people gain the emblem X

A + B + C + D = X

is it possible to do that?

If you enable the badge system, you can create SQL queries that will award badges. It’s turned off by default now, but you can search and find it. Here’s a start: Badge SQL can no longer be edited by default.


@pfaffman the badge system is already released for me, I just need to know how to configure it to happen.

What do you put here for this to happen?

screen shot 2017-10-06 13 49 15