Glitch with username link in profile card

Just noticed the following behavior:

  • In any topic or PM, click username or avatar to open profile card
  • Hover over username/avatar — URL destination preview (i.e. in lower left in Chrome) shows as current topic URL, not user profile
  • Despite the wrong URL showing on hover, clicking directly still brings me to the user profile
  • However CMD + click opens the current topic (same page) in a new tab, rather than the user profile as expected

I tend to use CMD + click to open user profile in a new tab pretty often so I think this is a recent regression. This happens on two different forums I run + Meta, and in multiple different browsers.


@Johani any idea why you removed the content of the href attribute in the user card?

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There was some weird things going on because you had both an action doing some routing and a href doing something else, can’t remember exactly but something was not right. Will look at this.


Ok, I think it was misbehaving before (mostly some tests were failing), but other changes we made in this PR actually make it possible to have this.