Middle/Right Clicking on Username of Profile Card takes you to the page you are viewing, not the profile

When reading a topic, click on a user to open their user card, then right-click and choose open in new tab or middle click (on either red circled area), you are taken to the page you are currently viewing, not their profile

Happens on Topic list too


Hmm this is due to this commit.


@eviltrout May I check with you what problem the original commit was trying to solve? Even after switching back to link-to, the user-card seems to close once it transitions away to another route.

I’m trying to put up a fix which uses link-to and handles the user card click event in the view that will close the user card. Is that the right direction?


I believe it dealt with open the user card for User A on the topic list, now click on User B’s username to open their User Card

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@cpradio Ah got it. Thanks :smile:

Here’s a proper fix: