Global mute user

I’m looking for global mute to user. That mean if someone get global muted by admin, him still can post reply or creat new topic but nobody can see him just like every mute him.

Is this possible or not?

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This sounds a lot like shadowbanning, which we don’t have a feature for performing. We find it better to address problematic behavior with individuals directly and use progressive consequences (warnings, suspensions, bans) if behavior does not correct.


I’ve come across this thread on the forum; which may be of interest to you: Discourse Shadowban
I don’t know if it works or works well. I guess you’ll have to try it.

EDIT: And if you’re just talking of ignoring a user, I understand according to what I’ve read that it’s a functionality embedded in Discourse (but you seem to need to be TL2, which I am not, so I don’t see the possibility to do it here).

I have a few trolls that get banned but return using new IPs, emails and so on.

If I could shadowban them they would waste a lot of time posting without their posts ever being read. This would be very useful.

The shadowban plugin linked to above does not work, posts are not hidden.

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