Possible to MUTE users?

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If someone in the forum does not want to see posts from a specific user from showing up in his threads, is there a way or an existing feature that can accomplish that?

For example, user A does not want user B to post in his threads, can user A mute user B so that each time user A starts a new thread, user B will not be able to participate?

Hope you understand what I am getting at.



Yes you can mute or ignore users.
You can find the settings by clicking on your profile pic, then preferences/users

or …


Thanks! but it says that mute function is to “Suppress all notifications and PMs from these users.” only, sounds like it can only mute notifications and PMs only, it doesn’t say it can mute or hide the offending user’s posts from showing up in the thread.

Then you need to use ignore

Posts still appear but all content is replaced by …

Ignored content

This is only available to TL2+ users


Thanks. Is this a feature that only ADMIN can enable or disable?

I just checked my account preference here, I don’t see an option to activate the IGNORE feature.

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You need trust level 2 to ignore users

@Moin @geoff777

THANK YOU both, yes I found the ignore function under Level 2.

Have a good day.

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