Globally pinned/banner topics management

Off the back of this topic, It’s super easy to forget you pinned something and then it’ll stay active even though it’s entirely irrelevant.

I was wondering if it would be possible to add an admin page that shows globally pinned or banner topics and lets someone manage them. I know you can attach a timeframe to a pinned/banner topic, but that doesn’t always happen, so sometimes old things are left pinned.

I guess even a report would be handy :slight_smile:

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A search for in:pinned should work, looking at:

So only thing missing here would be banner topic which is quite rare.

Does searching for in:pinned do the trick for you?


Great, that works!

It’d be nice if you could save searches like for admin purposes :slight_smile:


You can save the link, if you hit enter from search: Search results for 'in:pinned' - Discuss the Elastic Stack

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True, that doesn’t really make it accessible to any other admin/mod though.
And we have a lot of mods on our instance.

One thing we tend to use on our dev instance is Custom hamburger menu links it is possible we can adjust it so there is an option for “staff only” links there with a theme setting.

Where would you like these helpful links. Another alternative is just carrying a pinned topic for moderators that includes tricks like this.


A pinned topic is a good idea.

It does feel like this could be a report of some kind. Maybe not a metric report like the existing ones, but it’s still collecting info about what your instance is doing.

We’re finding our use of banner topics increase, for various reasons, and I ran into this again today.

A specific admin page with info on banners and pins would be still useful :slight_smile:

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