Godaddy has much lower server requirements than DigitalOcean


I noticed that Godaddy offers Discourse as one of their ‘cloud apps’. Is there a reason I can select a 512MB/1CPU plan with them, but DigitalOcean requires (at minimum) 2048MB/2CPU? That’s quite the difference!

What am I missing, here?

(mountain) #2

They will not restrict you from purchasing cloud app storage based on what you may decide to use the cloud storage for.

Some of those apps listed work fine on a 512MB/1CPU virtual box.

They care not what apps you decide to use on that low-end virtual box. They do not care if you buy the low end package and attempt to deploy Discourse onto it and use it for a medium to large community. Well, depends if they charge for overloading the CPU, but neither here or there in this discussion.

Same as DigitalOcean, really.


I don’t really know what you’re trying to convey. All I’m asking is how come DO requires twice the CPU and four times the memory that Godaddy requires to deploy an instance of Discourse?

(mountain) #4

You are saying DigitalOcean is outright restricting you from purchasing their 512MB/1CPU VPS because they know you intend to use it for Discourse, or attempt to.

(Logan Mathews) #5

DigitalOcean wants a moderately pleasant experience while running Discourse on their servers. They don’t want to be blamed for a terrible experience.

GoDaddy just wants your money.


Hi Logan, have you run Discourse on their 512MB/1CPU $7.99/month plan? I am looking for real world feedback. My community will be small – maybe a couple hundred members but likely much less!


DigitalOcean doesn’t want you to hit their disks for swap. Not sure they care more than that.

(Logan Mathews) #8

I’ve ran it on a 2.8Ghz 512MB sandbox. No, it wasn’t hosted by GoDaddy.
The specs work ‘okay’ for a development box. They are not suitable for a live community, the developers here have stated as such.


Okay – that’s what I was wanting to know. Thanks very much, Logan!

(Logan Mathews) #10

While that’s true and I should of mentioned it, I should also mention they don’t want a ton of support tickets opened because their forums ‘arn’t working’ or ‘are slow’. Having to offer support for a low-barrier offering really isn’t worth it to most sane companies :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Well, 1GB RAM is the official minimum in our docs. DO “requires” 2GB for their Discourse installs because shared cloud services frown on using disk as swap memory.

So as long as you have 1GB RAM, per our official docs, you will be fine.