Which DO plan should I use for the pre-configured Discourse droplet?

I’m a little confused on what kind of DO plan I need. For now, I want the lowest tier possible. It appears to me that the self install page and the DO 1 click install have some contradictory requirements.

On the self install page:

“The official release of Discourse 1.0, with 1 GB RAM minimum support”

On the one click install DO page:

The lowest it’ll let me go is the 2GB plan at $20/mo.

Can I install the latest version of Discourse myself with the 1GB plan at $10/mo or is that just not the case anymore?


(Correct solution provided by Jeff below. Removed this post to avoid unoptimal information).

This is incorrect advice.

OP is referring to the Digital Ocean “pre-configured” Discourse instance. That is locked at 2GB for political reasons because they don’t want people using swapfiles.

Just follow our official install guide, then you can select 1GB RAM droplet which works perfectly fine, and enable a swapfile, which will only really be touched during upgrades when there is crazy memory churn.

512mb is NEVER supported and SHOULD NOT be used.


Definitely go with CodingHorror on this :slight_smile: .

I only mentioned the 512 plan because I remember reading that it was ‘possible’ here on this forum. If Jeff states that it isn’t supported though, I’d imagine that while it works, it’s a terrible experience (using 512). So definitely follow his advice and go the 1GB route.

Don’t stress about having to use an installation guide, the fine folks here have made it incredibly easy to follow and get a discourse forum up and going.


Thanks for the help, Jeff.

Could you elaborate?

I thought my sentence was quite clear…

VM providers don’t like people using swap, because it does terrible things to the system performance and confuses the memory management system (you’ve got two kernels both trying to manage RAM, and things get confused). So, as a VM provider, Digital Ocean want to avoid people using swap, so they require people to use a 2GB droplet. We, on the other hand, not being a VM provider, are more than happy to encourage people to use swap, because it does the job that is needed.


Does DO not want me using swapfiles due to infrastructure limitations? Or perhaps I would see possible detrimental performance issues on my Discourse instance if I enabled swapfiles?

Edit: @mpalmer Cleared it up for me.


Thanks guys… Time for me to switch from $20 droplet to $10 :wink: #savingup


Why is this? I would have thought that 512mb would be suitable for unpopular forums?

Maybe, if by unpopular you mean “nobody can actually go there and do anything without it breaking”

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Sounds pretty unpopular to me…

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Regards the DO one-click pre-config:

Does anybody know if it’s possible to:

  1. Choose the $20/month for a one-click install to save an hour of time; and then
  2. Drop back down to $10/month?

That seems to me to be an obvious workaround it’s possible.