Good translated Discourse forums that show off DIscourse well?

(Jim DeLaHunt) #1

There are so many translations for Discourse, and I see from the #translations tag that many people are setting up forums in various languages apart from English. I would like to show off Discourse’s translations and localisation. Which forums would be particularly good examples?

Is there a showcase of non-English Discourse forums? Something like Discourse customers | Discourse - Civilized Discussion, but with non-English language content, and labelled by languages used? Something like Please visit our Discourse Forum! (Directory), but more up to date and with better language coverage?

Which forums are good examples of a Discourse community using Arabic? (I see some Hebrew examples.) Japanese or Chinese or Korean? South Asian languages?

Thank you!

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2 is one I remember.

(Jim DeLaHunt) #3

Good point. Yes, this forum has a large number of localisations available. I can change my settings to display the UI of this forum in Arabic or Japanese or German. That is helpful.

But the content of this forum is almost entirely English-language. I’m looking for forums where the content, and the default UI for the visitor who is not logged in, is in a language other than English, and a script other than Latin. I’m thinking Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Russian etc.

There are three or four forums in Hebrew, which is great. I see one forum in Latin-script Bulgarian (I think it was) with occasional messages in Cyrillic script. That’s helpful.

Any more?
–Jim DeLaHunt, Vancouver, Canada

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Ops, my bad I meant

(Jim DeLaHunt) #5 is exactly the sort of site I am after. Thank you!

Any more suggestions, anyone?