Google Analytics Tracking Myself

I just noticed that Google Analytics tracks my admin account.

That is going to really mess with my Analytics data.

Is there any way I can have Google Analytics not show up on admin accounts or certain accounts?


You are going to have to write a plugin for that, or set up an exclusion on googles site (somehow, I don’t know how)

Hmm. I guess I’ll just stick with the IP filter in Google Analytics for now.

Here’s a link how to if anyone else is interested.

Another thought — there’s the option of tagging users/pageviews (called “Custom dimensions” in GA) with custom params.

It requires some setup on the Google Analytics side, but Discourse could in theory allow automatic tagging with trust levels / user types, so GA data can be filtered based on that.

You can use Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on


Ooh. That’s a much better option than IP exclusion, in case my IP changes.


Except it opts-out of all google analytics anywhere, while I’d want to do it just for discourse (or selected sites, or whatever).

Use an adblocker or similar that allows you to specifically block something on a site. Using that, you can specifically block Google Analytics for your site to avoid being tracked.

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