Google Avatar - not associating?


(Peter Imai) #1

Definitely a somewhat frivolous question:

I just signed up with my google ID, but was given this geometric pattern as an avatar instead of my normal profile pic associated with my google account. Any reason for this or plan to change this?

Very excited for Discourse!

Why use Discourse over Linkedin, Google, or Facebook Groups?
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(Jeff Atwood) #2

We don’t have plans to automatically retrieve avatars from Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc at this time.

What we do offer is standard Gravatar (email) avatar support as well as custom local avatars.

(Peter Imai) #3

ok thanks @codinghorror

(Jeff Atwood) #4

However, if someone wants to submit that as a community contributed PR that would be great!

(Greg Swallow) #5

If a discourse user authenticates with Facebook, does their Facebook user ID get saved in the database?

If so, their profile picture can be found at this URL:

eg -

edit - or actually, to make it square & 50x50
(You are supposed to be able to add &height=45&width=45 but it seems that the smallest it will resize to is 48 pixels)

More info here - User Picture - Documentation - Facebook for Developers

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(TheLoneCuber) #6

Come on someone [with the skills to do it]… PR Social Avatars please. I’m surprised they’re not a part of Discourse: the friction-free social logins seem such a contradiction given that users then have to manually upload a profile picture, even though they have one set for the social login they’ve just used. It’s such a confusing prospect for Joe and Jane Public who are not forum frequenters.

(Kane York) #7

Tips for the implementers:

  1. Add more options to the avatar changing modal dialog (titled “Change your avatar”)
  2. Pull the ‘Associated accounts’ records (example is on the admin user page, these should be visible to the user somewhere)

(Chris Beach) #8

+1 for automatically pulling avatars from Facebook / Google / Twitter.