Using the profile picture from twitter

(Alex Flom) #1


When a new user signs up with twitter/facebook is there a way to use his profile photo by default from the social network(without the need to upload the photo into discourse) ?


(mountain) #2

I personally would be okay with this setting if it’s possible. But allow the new user to chose. There were times when a site offered only Facebook as an option which I took to login. The software then auto-ganked my Real Life profile photo and my real name and did not allow me to edit it. A user should have the option to chose what goes where. And that is why after that little debacle I will never, ever use Facebook to login elsewhere when creating a new account.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

There are existing topics on this. We support it but have not had time to build it. If anyone wants to build it and submit it as a pull request, go ahead.

[PAID] Retrieve the twitter profile picture
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