[PAID] Retrieve the twitter profile picture


What would you like done?

In my next discourse project, users will only register/login via twitter connect. I need to add the ability to retrieve the twitter profile picture when people register/login via this twitter connect.

When do you need it done?


What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?


Thank you in advance


I can do this. I should have some time to get started on it next week, and then have it done within a month (depending on the complexity).

Would the Discourse team prefer this as a plugin or, since Twitter is supported by default, as a PR? Bonus points if I build some sort of avatar importer api for other auth systems to hook into?


Great. Do you think it’s possible to add bio + website too ?

Me, i’m interested only by Twitter, because it’s a twitter only login forum, but i think Facebook profile picture importer is a good feature too.

I Think it can be a pull request as @codinghorror said here :

Maybe we can have options to select which informations we want to import : profile picture, bio, website, location… (for twitter, fields are same than discourse)

Other question, if a user change informations on twitter, for example if he change his profile picture, will it change on the discourse profile on his next login ?

I mean, is twitter connect, update informations at each twitter login, or only the first time for the registration ?

Yeah, we’d be happy to sponsor this. It’s a fairly frequent request:

Please make a topic in #dev to outline how you’re planning to approach this so that we can get on the same page before you put more time into making a PR.


This is actually something we are scheduled to build for a customer. We’ve just been tied up with other things, and Regis is out on paternity leave.


This is now done in core :tada:



Thank you Régis :grinning:

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