Google Chrome extension for discourse notifications

I’ve released the new version 1.0.0.
I’ve added the multi-site feature: the user can add more discourse sites to see all notifications in one single place.
You can install it from here: Discourse Forum Notifications - Chrome Web Store
(The version bump is because of completely code rewrite.)

All previous posts about versions are:


A few screenshots would make it easier to click on the link and get more info about the plugin.

I had this extention before the update and it worked well, but now it seems to be giving me issues

The bar on top seems unnecessarily big, the image is broken (not even sure what the image should be), and the unread notifications badge doesn’t show up anymore, yet it’s still up-to-date with I click it. Along with the number badge not working, Chrome’s desktop notifications also stopped

Also for reference, this is what it used to look like for me in case it wasn’t meant to or something, I think it looked much better before

Notifications list about two discourse sites:

The options page:

and a desktop notification:

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No love for subfolder installs? :sadpanda:

It tries to get the icon site image png and if it fails it uses the favicon.

unread notifications are showed with a different background color as previous. Once the user read the post, the background becomes white. Chrome desktop notifications are displayed only if no discourse site is opened in the browser to avoid double notifications. Check if they are enabled into the options page.

The look is the same of previous version, except the head bar that shows the site reference to distinguish them and a little white side borders.

Have you tried a disable/enable extension ? Or reboot the browser ? Or to reinstall it ?

Reinstalling fixed the image, but the forum I use this for isn’t super active so I’m gonna have to wait and see for the badge and notifications

Looks good to me! Very very useful, now I can use the same extension for my community and meta.
Great work friend!

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Can you elaborate ?

If my Discourse install is on a subfolder like the extension register only

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:+1: you are right. Please open an issue on github



Submitted a PR for it too


New version 1.1.0

Thx to @cpradio


Just wanted to say thanks to getting this deployed @alep! It works great on our sub-folder instance. :smile:


@cpradio glad to hear it is helpful for you too :+1:

Can I increase the font?
It looks too small especially on big hires screens like iMac 27’’

Issues (in the latest version)

Issue 1

Clicking on the “Earned badge XXX” elements lead to a non-existing page:

Issue 2

Clicking in the popup box always opens a new tab. Instead, it should check if the is a tab with the same Discourse instance opened already and updates the tab’s URL instead.

As a minimum thing, you should use some target per-discourse-website, so that every time I click on a link in your notification plugin, it opens in the same tab rather than in a new tab.

For example: target="".

Issue 3

“Badge earned” notifications still blue after clicking on them:

Sorry, not now. Please sign it as a new issue in github Issues · alepolidori/chrome-discourse-notifications · GitHub

You miss also some icons, check the pic below